Yosuke - Taiko Concert and Workshops 13th-16th Feb 2020

March 2020 update: Bento Beats Vol. 1 raised a total of $650 for the CFA Volunteer Association.  Thank you so much!

Yosuke Bento Beats Vol. 1

Mark the 13th – 16th February 2020 in your diary!

Yosuke – taiko master extraordinaire from Japan will be in Melbourne.

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Yosuke Taiko and Chappa workshops: https://www.trybooking.com/BHSLQ


In 1999, Yosuke relocated to Sado Island, Niigata with his sights set on joining Japan’s renowned Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble.  After completing rigorous training at Kodo Apprentice Centre, he became a Kodo member in 2003.  On extensive tours throughout Japan and around the world with Kodo, Yosuke mainly appeared center-stage in physically demanding pieces.  He also featured in collaborations with esteemed artists ranging from worId-class orchestras and ballet companies to the Blue Man Group.  In 2013.  Yosuke was selected for the role of Susano’o in Kabuki luminary Tamasaburo Bando’s  “Amaterasu,” showcasing his acting and drumming prowess.  He decided to part ways with the Kodo ensemble in the fall of 2017 to explore his own channels of expression under the theme of “Ikiru – To live.” In 2018, Yosuke made his solo director-artist debut in Suzhou, China, with solo work “Taiko Honshoku” (Taiko True Colours).  Later that year in Japan, Yosuke presented another new self-directed production inspired by Buddhism: “ARAYASHIKI.”  The premiere took place at Shoshazan Engyo-ji temple, which was featured in “The Last Samurai”.  Thanks to media features and public interest, the performance was beyond a sellout success – over 100 standing tickets were sold at the door to meet demand. As a solo artist, Yosuke has garnered popularity in Japan and abroad as a performer in solo works, collaborations, and as a guest artist.  He is also a sought-after workshop leader, taiko team instructor, and composer. Yosuke has developed a unique educational catalogue centered on sympathetic resonance, which ranges from lectures and corporate training to school performances and workshops. Seeking the sound of life within each beat of the drum is Yosuke’s lifework.

Yosuke’s Website (Japanese): https://yosuke55.com/