Humans of Taikokoro

A monthly piece introducing a Taikokoro member

- Shin -

Hello everyone, I’m Shin.

I’m sure some people have been in a long lockdown, but are you all doing well?  

I’ve been a member of Taikokoro since its establishment, but I don’t play taiko. 
My occupation is a chef and I have been cooking Japanese food for over 30 years.

I think that the traditional drums (Miyake Taiko, Wachi Daiko and Hachjijo/Kanju Daiko) that Taikokoro is working on have different charms such as behaviour, rhythm, costumes, teamwork, people, sounds and I like them a lot.  Although Taikokoro members may not be aware of them, the team has been doing wonderful activities.

There are great Taiko performers beginner to advanced players in Australia, Japan and all over the world and there are various beautiful Taiko styles.

Taikokoro has invited a variety of Taiko performers to learn together with the Australian Taiko community – not only taiko skills but also about conduct, how to handle taiko and bachi, memorial service for Taiko bachi etc, etc.

I believe that those Taiko performers also learned a lot from the Australian Taiko community and reflected it in their activities.

More importantly, Taikokoro is very important as a team that belongs to our multiculturalism in Australia. Also, all of us could be a part of the histories of Miyake Taiko, Wachi Daiko and Hachijo/Kanju Daiko in Japan.

Therefore, we are valuable and also fun people.

The best memory of taiko I had was the taiko tour where we all went to Tokyo → Sado → Hachijojima → Aogashima → Wachi. There were many happenings.  I was impressed by the wonderful Taiko people who love drums that everyone enjoys and entertains.

I know this lockdown period is giving us lots of stress. But, stay positive! I am looking forward to seeing you in person soon.

Would you rather have unlimited sushi or unlimited tacos for life and why?
→ Sushi, as I am a sushi machine!

What is your most embarrassing favourite song?
→ Merry-go-round song.  My mum wanted to take photos of me on the merry-go-round, but I was so embarrassed to ride on it because it is for little kids.  When this battle with my mum was happening, this song was on….. 

What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?
→ I have been in an ambulance 9 times so far.  5 of them are injury related.