Taikokoro Inc recognises that it shares its enthusiasm of Japanese music culture with other Japanese culture groups and businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.  Here are but a few of the groups that we connect and collaborate with.

Japanese Music Practice Groups

Melbourne Shinobue Kai

Shinobue is a Japanese bamboo flute, often played in Japanese festivals. In the taiko music, it accentuates the performance with colorful sounds. 

Melbourne Shinobue Kai meets monthly to practice shinobue.  New members are welcome, no experience necessary

Contact: Ayako Fujii  ayakofsound@gmail.com

Shinobue Kai members

Melbo-Ren Awa Odori

Learn to dance Awa Odori from Tokushima native, Naho Higashidani. Naho teaches the elegant lady style dance and the genki male style dance, danced by both men and women. Melbo-Ren performs at Japanese festivals around Melbourne.

Bookings: awaodori.melbo.ren@gmail.com

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/odoruaho/

Melbo-ren Awa Odori logo

Wadaiko Rindo

Wadaiko Rindo is a Melbourne based taiko school and performance ensemble


A.YA Performance Ensemble

A.YA’s sound is a crossover between modern original compositions and traditional styles with unique Japanese instruments. They have performed at many festivals and events around Melbourne, and have also run workshops at primary and secondary schools in Victoria, NSW, and Queensland.




South Paw Translation – Japanese-English Language Services


Toshi Graphix – Photos and graphic design