Australian Supporter Donation to Kodo - Update

Photo: Ethan Brooke

Hello Taiko friends,

I hope you are still staying safe and well during this stressful and uncertain time.

Thank you very much for your warm contributions to KODO by making donations either directly, through this Australian collection or by purchasing goods at KODO’s online shop. I have spoken to many people and know that many contributed in whatever way they could. We are all Australian KODO supporters! Our collection period finished on 26 April and I’d now like to update all the donators who left their email address with a summary of the responses. The Australian dollar collection raised just under $4,500 and this has been successfully sent to KODO from “Australian KODO Supporters.” I am hoping that KODO will confirm our contribution after Golden Week in Japan, around 6th May.

Australian KODO Supporters – Transfer Details
Donation Total: A$4,490 (308,437JPY)
Numbers of Contributors: 60

*305,827JPY to KODO. Rate for our transfer was 1AUD = 69.2059 JPY as at May 1st 2020 with a $33.20 transfer fee via TransferWise.
KODO will receive 305.827 JPY.

Messages for KODO
The message board impressively collected many beautiful words of support and encouragement. This will be sent to KODO along with the names of all contributors, even if you did not leave your message.

Lastly, KODO has announced that Earth Celebration will be held online this year (21-23 Aug.) We can enjoy their exciting programs and concert at home. Be sure to check out the details on their website https://earthcelebration.jp/en/ planned to be announced by early June.

Thank you very much again for your support to KODO.

PS. Taiko leaders, if you could forward this message to your students and friends, that would you
great help for us. Thank you very much for your great help.

Ayako Tsunazawa / Taikokoro Inc.

Kodo needs our help

Kodo Concert
© Photo by Takashi Okamoto.

We hope you and your loved ones have been well and safe in these uncertain times.  

During this challenging time we have just received news from Kodo that makes all taiko people in the world extremely upset. Kodo is now fighting for survival due to huge impacts from Covid-19 and they are asking people for emergency financial support to keep Kodo alive. Linked below is the official Kodo page that outlines their plea. 

Kodo and their principal performers have visited Australia many times but, as you all know, Kodo is so much more than their spectacular concerts.  Kodo is the backbone of what Taiko is around the world today and they tirelessly support and nurture Taiko enthusiasts through performance, teachings and boundless enthusiasm.  We will need Kodo more than ever when the world starts to find its new normal.

Thanks for your support of Taikokoro, we are almost a year old and what a big year it has been.  As you know Taikokoro was formed to exchange and develop connections between Japanese musicians, artists and local practitioners, Kodo has been very supportive of our activities as I know they have been with many other taiko groups in Australia.

After much consideration within the Taikokoro committee, Taikokoro has decided to use the resources of our non-profit organisation to coordinate support for Kodo from Australia. The idea is to create a central collection point for all financial contributions from Taiko people in Australia and to pass them on to Kodo in one international transaction.  The aim is to save money from excess FX transaction fees charged to individuals and to send as much to Kodo as possible. Our collective contributor name will be “Australian Kodo Supporters” to show that the collective support for Kodo in Australia is beyond individual taiko groups. 

We have set up a GroupTogether collection page for donations and messages of support. Their need for assistance is urgent so we would like to do it in a short time and send it to Kodo as soon as we close the donation period. Even small donations are much appreciated. Let’s put our love together to support Kodo.

Note: As Kodo is not an Australian organisation, donations are not tax deductible.
GroupTogether’s payment confirmation is not a Tax Invoice.
GroupTogether charges 1.5% on every transaction.
A list of contributors will be sent to Kodo. 
Taikokoro will not receive any revenue from the donation collection nor seek compensation for any expenses incurred.  
Donation collection will expire Sunday 26 April to send to Kodo.
Alternatively donations can be made directly to the Taikokoro bank account. Please contact me directly for details. 

Kodo has given us boundless joy of taiko through their concerts and events, such as their famous annual Earth Celebration on Sado Island, and workshops.  Also our dear taiko friend, Ami Akimoto (Wadaiko Rindo, Ichimadin and Australia Miyake Kai,) has been working at Kodo as a staff member since 2019. 

Without a doubt these are tough times too for our Australian taiko community, those of us who make money from gigs and classes have no income and many students and supporters are doing it hard. We understand.  Even small donations are much appreciated. Let’s put our love together now to support Kodo.

If you have any questions, please email me anytime:  AyakoTsunazawa@taikokoro.org
Thank you very much for your warm support.

Official Kodo request for support: 

Kodo concert
© Photo by Kodo. Used with permission.

Yosuke - Taiko Concert and Workshops 13th-16th Feb 2020

March 2020 update: Bento Beats Vol. 1 raised a total of $650 for the CFA Volunteer Association.  Thank you so much!

Yosuke Bento Beats Vol. 1

Mark the 13th – 16th February 2020 in your diary!

Yosuke – taiko master extraordinaire from Japan will be in Melbourne.

For more information, please visit our Trybooking Events:

Bento Beats Vol. 1 – “Taiko” Concert: https://www.trybooking.com/BHKIW

Yosuke Taiko and Chappa workshops: https://www.trybooking.com/BHSLQ


In 1999, Yosuke relocated to Sado Island, Niigata with his sights set on joining Japan’s renowned Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble.  After completing rigorous training at Kodo Apprentice Centre, he became a Kodo member in 2003.  On extensive tours throughout Japan and around the world with Kodo, Yosuke mainly appeared center-stage in physically demanding pieces.  He also featured in collaborations with esteemed artists ranging from worId-class orchestras and ballet companies to the Blue Man Group.  In 2013.  Yosuke was selected for the role of Susano’o in Kabuki luminary Tamasaburo Bando’s  “Amaterasu,” showcasing his acting and drumming prowess.  He decided to part ways with the Kodo ensemble in the fall of 2017 to explore his own channels of expression under the theme of “Ikiru – To live.” In 2018, Yosuke made his solo director-artist debut in Suzhou, China, with solo work “Taiko Honshoku” (Taiko True Colours).  Later that year in Japan, Yosuke presented another new self-directed production inspired by Buddhism: “ARAYASHIKI.”  The premiere took place at Shoshazan Engyo-ji temple, which was featured in “The Last Samurai”.  Thanks to media features and public interest, the performance was beyond a sellout success – over 100 standing tickets were sold at the door to meet demand. As a solo artist, Yosuke has garnered popularity in Japan and abroad as a performer in solo works, collaborations, and as a guest artist.  He is also a sought-after workshop leader, taiko team instructor, and composer. Yosuke has developed a unique educational catalogue centered on sympathetic resonance, which ranges from lectures and corporate training to school performances and workshops. Seeking the sound of life within each beat of the drum is Yosuke’s lifework.

Yosuke’s Website (Japanese): https://yosuke55.com/