Taikokoro Inc coordinates regular practice sessions of traditional Japanese drumming styles and regularly invites senseis to come to Australia to teach deeper technique and pass on the traditional origins of their taiko.

Taikokoro Inc - Miyake taiko workshop
© Photo: Toshi Ijuin

Miyake Taiko

Australia Miyake Kai

Miyake Taiko consists of a few simple and catchy rhythm patterns, so you can learn and enjoy playing it after only a couple of lessons. Australia Miyake Kai was formed in 2012 to enable people from different backgrounds to practice Miyake Taiko together.  At our practice sessions, all levels practice together, encouraging each other and working towards individual goals such as stamina & form. This style of drumming is a fun team workout.

“Miyake Taiko”, formally known as “Miyake-jima Kamitsuki Mikoshi Daiko”, is a traditional Japanese drumming style that is known throughout the world thanks to international concert tours by taiko performing arts ensemble “Kodo”. The name of “Miyake” comes from Miyake-jima, an island located about 180km south of Tokyo, where Miyake Taiko first originated.  Australia Miyake Kai has been officially recognized by Miyake-jima Geino Doshi-kai (https://miyaketaiko.com/en/) in Japan, along with sister practice groups in Singapore and the U.S.A..

  • Regular practices are held in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns.
  • Practice schedules & details will be emailed to subscribers each month.
  • Beginners are very welcome. Regular attendance is encouraged but not required, so come along as often as you like.

Hachijo and Kanju Taiko

Shome Shome Club

Taikokoro Inc - Shome Shome Club, Hachijo taiko class

Shome Shome Club meets monthly to practice Hachijo and Kanju Daiko styles of taiko playing. 
Unlike most forms of taiko, Hachijo and Kanju Daiko, from the tiny Izu island of Aogashima, allows for individual expression over traditional island base beats. 

Shome Shome Club is heaps of fun, no experience necessary.

Taikokoro Inc Wachi taiko class

Wachi Taiko

Doikkoisa Wachi Kai

Dokkoisa Wachi Kai practices the Wachi Daiko from north Kyoto prefecture.

Wachi Daiko is an energetic festival style of drumming with some funky movements.