Australian Supporter Donation to Kodo - Update

Photo: Ethan Brooke

Hello Taiko friends,

I hope you are still staying safe and well during this stressful and uncertain time.

Thank you very much for your warm contributions to KODO by making donations either directly, through this Australian collection or by purchasing goods at KODO’s online shop. I have spoken to many people and know that many contributed in whatever way they could. We are all Australian KODO supporters! Our collection period finished on 26 April and I’d now like to update all the donators who left their email address with a summary of the responses. The Australian dollar collection raised just under $4,500 and this has been successfully sent to KODO from “Australian KODO Supporters.” I am hoping that KODO will confirm our contribution after Golden Week in Japan, around 6th May.

Australian KODO Supporters – Transfer Details
Donation Total: A$4,490 (308,437JPY)
Numbers of Contributors: 60

*305,827JPY to KODO. Rate for our transfer was 1AUD = 69.2059 JPY as at May 1st 2020 with a $33.20 transfer fee via TransferWise.
KODO will receive 305.827 JPY.

Messages for KODO
The message board impressively collected many beautiful words of support and encouragement. This will be sent to KODO along with the names of all contributors, even if you did not leave your message.

Lastly, KODO has announced that Earth Celebration will be held online this year (21-23 Aug.) We can enjoy their exciting programs and concert at home. Be sure to check out the details on their website https://earthcelebration.jp/en/ planned to be announced by early June.

Thank you very much again for your support to KODO.

PS. Taiko leaders, if you could forward this message to your students and friends, that would you
great help for us. Thank you very much for your great help.

Ayako Tsunazawa / Taikokoro Inc.